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Workforce Management

Accurately track, manage and process time, attendance and expenses for your entire workforce, including remote & mobile employees, while offering effortless online benefits enrollment and streamlined services that save time and money.


Time & Expense


AAP provides a powerful integrated solution to time management & payroll through its partnership with isolved™. The isolved™ cloud-based platform allows access to time, attendance and payroll data anywhere at anytime.

  • View & manage your entire hourly workforce in one dashboard
  • Detailed reporting on hours, employees, and more
  • Biometric technology helps prevent buddy punching and time theft
  • Geofencing that allows employees to clock in and out within defined boundaries
  • Manage overtime hours and missed punches to ensure compliance
  • Compliance reporting for FLSA overtime, ACA, and payroll tax laws
  • Advanced scheduling allows supervisors to quickly build shifts and schedules for their employees



Offering a generous benefits package is a valuable tool in recruiting and retaining talented employees. At AAP, we make managing employee benefits, everything from health to life insurance and 401K, easy for our clients. Our HCM experts will build your benefit plan offerings into your isolved™ portal, making it easily accessible to you and your employees for enrollment and management. 

  • Eliminates paper forms and streamline HR workflows
  • Single dashboard to manage information for employers & employees
  • Integrated with HR & payroll, saving your business time and money
  • Manage benefits, life events, open enrollment, dependents and beneficiaries in the isolved™ portal
  • Employee self-service portal gives access to all the benefits offered
  • Pull enrollment reports for varying eligibility categories or benefit packages

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