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AAP helps businesses simplify HR, Payroll, Time, Benefits and more. Our award winning HCM platform provides comprehensive, customized HCM solutions that increase productivity and efficiency. 


HR & Payroll

Compensation / Performance 

 Payroll & HR always in sync

 Increased data accuracy

 Simplified operation

• Employee Self-Service

HR & Payroll


Engagement Management

Empower / Develop / Collaborate

• Employee education

• Knowledge sharing

• Improve productivity

• Promote collaboration

Engagement Management


Talent Management

Attract / Recruit / Onboard

• Attract and recruit 

• Reduce time to hire

• Improved applicant experience

• Enable hiring collaboration

Talent Management


Workforce Management

Time / Labor / Benefits

• Simplify compliance

• Reduce manual processing

• Control labor costs

• Time & expenses

Workforce Management


Our platform provides the integrations needed to keep your data up-to-date and reliable with several prominent vendors in the onboarding, pay card & instant pay industries.




Serving a large variety of industries, AAP has the knowledge and experience to help you build the most efficient HCM platform imaginable.

industry-Hamburger-128   Quick Service Restaurants

industry-hospitality   Hospitality

industry-construction   Construction

Bodybuilding_fitness_lifting_sport_weights_-128  Health & Fitness

work-business-solid-legal-house-128   Legal & Financial Services

industry-taffing-jobs-128   Staffing & Employment



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