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For over 25 years, AAP has partnered with their clients to provide managed payroll solutions. Our  HCM platform brings together key workforce functions in a robust, easy to use platform, with HR and Payroll managed in a single portal. 


thumbnail-PayrollHandling payroll is a critical piece of any business’s operations.  Processing payroll involves strict deadlines, financial balancing and accounting, and many time-consuming tasks.  From ensuring employees are paid on time to withholding taxes to managing benefits like sick and vacation time, getting payroll done isn’t easy. AAP's experienced staff will assist with every step of the process and be available to answer all your questions.

  • Process payroll accurately and easily
  • Maintain regulatory & tax reporting compliance 
  • Cost efficient and user friendly platform
  • Knowledgeable & dedicated customer advisers
  • Library of reports that can help influence business decisions
  • Federal, state & local tax reporting 
  • E-Verify & New Hire Reporting
  • Customize report templates as needed


thumbnail-hrTurn your HR department into a strategy center that is focused on building culture and improving organizational efficiencies.  By integrating your tasks into one technological solution you will eliminate redundant data and improve productivity, allowing HR to focus on building an environment that encourages productivity & growth.

  • Eliminate paper HR files and streamline the HR workflow
  • Accelerate HR with employee self-service
  • Employees can update their tax status, benefits renewal and more
  • Using isolved’s™ Share and Perform awards platform to identify employees for company rewards
  • Track company assets given to employees such as company vehicles, keys, and even laptops
  • Record disciplinary offenses per employee based on company policy or industry standard
  • Develop reports to track employee training, promotional decisions and ROI on training costs

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