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Engagement Management

Enable employees to stay connected, share ideas, seek feedback and collaborate while improving productivity, developing top talent and rewarding success.

Learning Management System


AAP and the isolved™ Learning Management System (LMS) provides a fully integrated LMS within the employee experience platform.  Human Resources professionals, supervisors, and team leaders can create and track online training, as well as assign courses and paths, all personalized for your business and delivered across your entire workforce.

  • Keep the workforce informed by providing continued education
  • Customize & upload content tailored to your business
  • Design your own curriculum with paths and certifications centric to your organization
  • Pre-built courses with a library of 150+ compliance and business courses
  • Centralized data helps maintain compliance with certifications

Share & Perform

AdobeStock_301739825Share & Perform consolidates and simplifies performance management, goal setting and reviews throughout the organization. Share & Perform improves productivity, innovation and invigorates company culture. An integrated rewards system encourages engagement and collaboration. Company communication is improved and performance enhanced through a mutual goal setting standard. 

  • Collaborate & share knowledge
  • Encourage a team approach to problem solving
  • Enhance company performance through goal setting
  • Set individual goals that align with company goals
  • Employees set goals that feed into their review process
  • Customized performance review templates
  • Employees can be reviewed from within the company and outside
  • Leaders can control the timeline, notifications and flow of the review process
  • Managers can view status on a real-time basis through their team dashboard




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