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What to Look for in Time, Labor and Attendance?

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Choosing the right Time, Labor and Attendance platform will transform the way you manage your employees. For many employers, tracking employee time and calculating the gross payroll is a big job and mistakes can be costly. Even accidental time errors can lead to fines, and intentional time theft costs employers thousands of dollars. With a robust Time, Labor and Attendance platform calculation errors are eliminated and you can say goodbye to manual time sheets.

There are multiple methods of collecting time depending on the structure of your organization. Employees can use any of the following methods to clock in/out of their shifts:

  • Mobile device - for those on the go

  • Virtual clocks - for multiple people to clock in/out from a centralized location

  • Web browser - for desktop or laptops

  • Physical time clocks - for indoor and outdoor use

Look for a cloud-based platform which is built to be user-friendly for payroll administrators, managers, and employees. Time, Labor and Attendance should be customizable and integrate seamlessly into your payroll software. There are many features you can add to your Time, Labor and Attendance platform to further enhance the production of your organization:

  • Shift differentials
  • Electronic time-off requests
  • Self-service punching
  • Labor allocations
  • Crossing midnight boundaries
  • Comp time management
  • Overtime and premiums
  • Flexible time-rounding rules
  • Meal and break tracking
  • Error alerts
  • Geofencing (set location boundaries for clocking in/out)
  • Time clock options with optional biometric scanner

Accurately tracking, managing, and processing time, attendance, and expenses for your entire workforce – including remote or mobile employees – is a big job! Add to that onboarding, payroll, HR, benefits, and compliance and you have a full plate of HCM services that need to be managed accurately and reliably. Ideally, whether you’re a large or small organization, you’ll find an HCM company to take care of it all. Giving you the option to streamline as many services as needed ALL under one login!!

Not only will finding the right HCM solution save your organization endless hours of labor it will also minimize errors and improve compliance.  If you're interested in learning about which Time and Attendance module would work best for your organization click the button below.

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