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Automated Time Saves Time

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With comprehensive automated time solutions, you can choose the data collection method that works best for your business - time clocks, online, or mobile.  Accurately track, manage, and process time and attendance for your entire workforce, including remote employees.  There are a variety of ways that businesses track time - some use spreadsheets, others manual input, or automation, while others choose a combination of methods. It is clear, in order to compete, businesses need to constantly re-evaluate how they manage their workforce solutions.   Adopting a modern comprehensive approach to payroll opens up an array of possibilities that transforms administrative processes.  By adopting  a single platform you can easily manage the entire employee lifecycle -  securely store and share data, ensure compliance and handle disciplinary action, while processing payroll efficiently, accurately, and completely.   Beginning with the simple step of re-evaluating how your business tracks time and attendance leads you to a whole realm of other possible business solutions all encompassed under one powerful HCM platform.  Those employers that choose automated time tracking systems, especially time and attendance, base their decision on reducing costs and find it easier to keep up with regulations and compliance

How Does Automating Time Improve Your Bottom Line? 

Automated processes increase accuracy which results in higher-quality payroll, reduction in errors and time spent on ‘clean up’ and ensures compliance. From your business rules, to overtime, and absences, your time and attendance system should relieve you of payroll burdens, not cause more of them.

For many employers, tracking employee time and calculating the gross payroll is a big job and mistakes can be costly. Even accidental time errors can lead to fines costing employers thousands of dollars.  By utilizing an automated time keeping system, calculation errors are minimized and you can say goodbye to manual time sheets.  Automated time systems eliminate the hassles of manual time sheets and time-consuming calculations required to produce paychecks. 

Making the jump from manual time keeping to an automated time keeping system does not have to be a difficult one.  The key is to adopt a user-friendly system that is easy to learn and operate for all members of your staff – from payroll administrators, to managers, to employees. 

Simplifies Compliance with the ACA

Eliminating manual processing also simplifies compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Employers can run configurable reports during designated periods of time to help determine eligibility for benefits.  In addition, employers are more apt to stay in compliance with regulations by monitoring and viewing reports on overtime, hours worked, shift premiums, and more.  Automated time management systems give you the unprecedented view of your employees and eliminates the need to enter data multiple times or import and export from multiple systems.

Single Sign-on, Single Source 

Ideally, your time management system is packaged into your human capital management (HCM) solution with hiring, onboarding/offboarding, payroll, attendance, benefits, compliance and reporting, all within a single data source.  Automating time and attendance and integrating it with your payroll system is a logical step to being able to leverage the desired data and receive the critical information you need to run your business.  With the right analytical tools, you will easily be able to find, retrieve, and report on workforce data, such as payroll, time, labor and attendance. To make your job easier, the right system should include template reports, charts, dashboard meters and defined indicators (e.g., overtime as percentage of total, minimum hours required, etc.).

Optimizing automated time keeping technology with cloud-based engineering opens even more possibilities. Cloud-based technology enables your time management system to connect with various methods of time collection such as physical time clocks, employee self-service portals, and mobile devices, providing maximum flexibility no matter where your employees are located or how they work.  Geofencing is another feature designed for mobile employees which sets location boundaries for clocking in/out.  Accurately track, manage, and process time and attendance for your entire workforce, even if you have remote employees, multiple locations or mobile employees.

Transform How You Manage Time

Benefits of an Automated Time Management System:

  • Paperless
  • Both employee and employer can view timecards
  • Employer able to view payroll online
  • Minimal errors
  • Streamlines accruals
  • Time-off requests approved online
  • Cloud-based technology
  • Geofencing capability
  • Mobile capability
  • Improves compliance
  • Detailed reports
  • Higher quality payroll
  • Reduces costs in labor & time
  • Accurate data that is easily accessible
  • Eliminates the manual collection of time
  • Replaces tedious time-tracking procedures
  • High return on investment 

Eliminates separate systems that require:

  • Different logins
  • Duplicate entry
  • Importing
  • Exporting

Time is crucial to compliance in the ACA.  Employers must be able to:

  • Determine hours
  • Employee status
  • Produce data for filing proper forms

Makes scheduling a breeze:

  • Build shifts and schedules
  • Set permission rules
  • Determine shift eligibility
  • Send instant scheduling alerts
  • Set up coverage and shift requests

Save time and money by streamlining services   

Accurately track, manage and process time, attendance and expenses for your entire workforce, including remote & mobile employees. Collect time from the method that best suits your environment, or a mix of methods – mobile, self-service, or physical clocks. 

Real time data increases data integrity and provides business analytics – hours, employee status, overtime – needed to manage business critical tasks.  Cloud-based technology offers simple, intelligent navigation, robust reporting and powerful configuration options. 

One System to Learn. One System to Conquer it All.


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