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Pay Cards Meet the Demands of Today’s Employees

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In today's world employers have many exciting options in how they pay their employees. Paper paychecks are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Two alternatives to paper paychecks are direct deposit and pay cards. Both have the advantage of being electronic, secure, and paperless.  However, pay cards have one more clear distinction jumping them to the top of the list - no bank account required!  Here we'll explore the other advantages of pay cards and how they can give you the edge in the today's competitive job market.

What are pay cards and how can they benefit my employees?

Pay cards are reloadable cards that allow employers to pay wages to an employee electronically. Because they are electronic; pay cards are a fast, easy, and secure way for employees to receive their wages.  Unlike direct deposit employees do not need a bank account. A pay card functions as a gift card or a debit card; it allows the employee to make purchases, check balances online, transfer funds, and withdraw wages from an ATM.

There are many other benefits to pay cards:

    • Instant access to wages
    • Mobile app access
    • Cashback rewards
    • No monthly maintenance fee
    • Account access 24/7
    • Nationwide ATMs

How will pay cards affect my payroll?

AAP integrates with many pay card providers like FSV, Instant, Rapid, and Zayzoon to name a few. Deciding to offer a pay card solution to your employees does not have to be difficult and can easily be integrated into your payroll platform. Each pay card provider differs slightly from the other. So it's helpful to speak with your payroll company’s customer service representative who understands the nuances of the pay cards and which one would best fit your needs.

Many advantages to paperless pay

Transitioning over to pay cards will bring you closer to paperless payroll, which is a crucial part of evolving your business. By replacing paper checks with pay cards employers will cut costs and time in payroll. Having a paperless payroll will also allow you to electronically pay employees during inclement weather, vacation, and sick leave. Electronic pay also avoids payroll delays, distressed employees and paper trails for HR.

Benefits of pay cards combined with wages-on-demand

There are times employees face financial hardships forcing them to turn to high-interest loans to make ends meet. Here is where employers can help.  Employers can reduce their employees' financial stress by offering them access to their earned wages before payday.  By offering wages-on-demand using pay cards employers set themselves apart.

In a world of same-day delivery, why not have same-day pay! 

A wage-on-demand solution will allow employees to access their wages between regular pay periods. An easy benefit to set up for your employees which could make a substantial difference in their lives.

Give your employees pay options with pay cards

Provide your company with a comprehensive pay card solutions that will save your company time and money over traditional paper paychecks.  Eliminate the paper trail  and save your HR department valuable time. Show your employees that you care about their financial well-being, offer your employees pay card options, wages on-demand, or both.

Continue to evolve your business by offering your employees a choice in payroll options.  Let AAP help you decide which pay card or wage-on-demand option is best for you. 

If you are interested in learning more about AAP's pay card solutions and how they can benefit your business contact your payroll specialist or call 888-871-9028 to speak with a pay card consultant.