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Let ESS Work For You!

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ESS (Employee Self-Service) portals allow employees to have quick and easy access to their HR-related services. Reducing HR's administrative duties and freeing up time for more strategic pursuits. Making your business run more efficiently - saving you precious time and consequently improving your bottom line. User-friendly and paperless, ESS portals can also help standardize processes, reduce errors, and enhance reporting capabilities. Some organizations also use the ESS portal to deliver both corporate and HR-related information.

Portals Can Tackle Many Administrative Tasks

ESS delivers measurable efficiencies to employees and the organization by eliminating inaccuracies in data collection by offering a single point of entry. It also makes employees responsible for keeping their information accurate and up to date. And because employee information is integrated into the platform HR related tasks are completed more efficiently. An ESS portal can be set up in various ways, these are a few of the most commonly requested services businesses request for their ESS portals:

Employee's Update Their Personal Data

Some portals enable employees to change personal data, enter time worked, print out paystubs, enroll in employer benefits, and schedule vacations. Some portals include preconfigured life events pages that allow employees to follow a series of steps related to each activity—marriage, divorce, and birth/adoption of a child.

Employee Onboarding

Another time-consuming task that ESS can handle for HR is onboarding and orientation of new employees. ESS-based onboarding is becoming increasingly popular as employers seek to streamline the hiring process. Go paperless with all forms while eliminating data entry and improving accuracy. Guarantee that policies and compliance requirements are approved and recorded electronically.

Benefits Enrollment

One of HR's most time-consuming responsibilities is benefits enrollment for new hires and annual open enrollment for all employees. An open enrollment ESS platform can streamline the process by letting employees make their own selections and calculations based on employer-directed options. Many of these can be integrated with feeds from an organization's Human Resource Information System (HRIS) to ensure information is up-to-date and to connect interrelated payroll, HRIS and benefits systems into one seamless portal.

Time and Attendance

Time and attendance systems are increasingly viewed as more than a way to accurately track employees' hours or to stay compliant with the wage and hour regulations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). HR leaders look to these systems for more self-service features to accommodate the needs of mobile workers and for labor cost reporting.

Some time clock systems enable web-based management of data collection through ESS portals and mobile apps. Such systems, providing real-time display of time and attendance data, allow workers to punch in and out from anywhere they can connect to the internet and alert managers when employees are approaching overtime or their attendance routines change, rather than having to wait for batch data that can take longer to analyze.

These systems can help HR reduce its administrative burdens and assist line managers by reducing the time they spend editing employees' time sheets or ruling on "exceptions" to a schedule or assigned work pattern. Features that enable employees to log on and view their work schedules, check timecards, review accrued benefits, or place vacation requests all save HR professional’s time.

Employer/HR-Friendly Portal Features and Benefits

Streamline Communications with Carriers, Brokers and Employees

Better management of the employee benefits plan can lead to significant cost savings. A smoother interface with payroll with fewer errors because no rekeying is necessary.

Other benefits of web-based benefits administration include simplified updates of employee communications materials such as:

  • Benefits books
  • Handbooks
  • Carrier directories
  • New-hire forms
  • Summary plan descriptions

Many Benefits of ESS Portals

ESS portals provide numerous benefits for employees. Consolidating information into one user-friendly gateway. Costs decline as employers consolidate redundant information, and productivity improves as employees spend less time looking for the information they need. In addition, employee satisfaction levels rise due to improved communication throughout the organization.

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