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Automated Time

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Transform How You Manage Time

Accurately track, manage, and process time and attendance for your entire workforce, even if you have remote employees, multiple locations or mobile employees.  With automated time, you can choose the data collection that works best for your business - online, with a time clock or with a mobile app.  

  Man with laptop Benefits of an Automated Time Management System:

    • Minimizes errors
    • Cloud-based technology 
    • Geofencing capability
    • Mobile capability
    • Improves compliance
    • Detailed reports
    • Higher quality payroll
    • Reduces costs in labor & time
    • Easily accessible, accurate data
    • Eliminates the manual collection of time
    • Replaces tedious time-tracking procedures
    • High return on investment 
    • Reasonably priced

 Calendar and Clock  Eliminates separate systems that require:

    • Different logins
    • Duplicate entry
    • Importing
    • Exporting

 Checklist-1  Time is crucial to compliance in the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Employers must be able to…

    • Determine hours
    • Employee status
    • Produce data for filing proper forms

Real-time data increases data integrity and provides business analytics – hours, employee status, overtime – needed to manage business critical tasks.  For more information on automated time, click the button below to schedule a meeting with our time experts.

Time and Attendance