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Attract the Best Talent with the Latest Hiring Software

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Attract and Hire – Hiring Software

The best applicants have options. If you’re not fast enough, your competitors will beat you to the best talent. A faster, more efficient hiring process will give you the edge in hiring the best talent.  By upgrading your hiring software to Attract and Hire you will reducing "time to hire" and therefore decrease hiring costs. You'll also be sending a positive first impression to applicants through the user-friendly application process. There are many hiring software tools on the market. Understanding what features are available will enable you to select the right hiring software for your company.

With that being said, managing an effective hiring process requires more than just implementing the latest hiring software. The software needs to adjust to your unique hiring approach, be backed up by a team of experts to support you and be designed to maximize results.  At AAP we offer Attract and Hire, a cloud-based customizable recruiting/hiring tool which can be accessed through any device (mobile, laptop, or desktops). Our hiring software provides much more than just a simple applicant tracking system. Attract and Hire  has a host of customer service representatives ready to assist you at any point in the hiring process – from writing job ads to onboarding.

Attract and Hire is designed to expand and improve your companies hiring process. It simplifies the task of bringing in new hires from start to finish by using tools to create job listings and descriptions, pushing postings to multiple job boards at once, tracking candidates and bringing new hires onboard. It is available within the isolved platform and will seamlessly integrate with isolved’s payroll, HR, time and benefits.

Attract and Hire is filled with features to impress all its users from the jobseeker to the hiring manager. You may choose from features listed below to customize the  hiring software to fit your company's needs:

 Great Job Ads Get Results

Get help writing job ads that will make the best applicants want to apply.

 Free & Paid Job Boards

Applicant flow is vital to a successful hiring process. Attract and Hire posts to over 500 free and paid job boards without using a third party that charges additional monthly fees.

 Job Board Account “Apply” Integration

Starting the application on the job board increases applicant flow. Our system has “apply” integrations with hundreds of job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter.

 Employee Referral Portal & Tracking

Employee referrals are one of the best sources for qualified applicants. Attract and Hire allows your employees to share your job postings via email and social media.

 Mobile Device Optimized Career Site & Application Process

Over 89 percent of job seekers use their mobile phone to search for jobs. Our platform provides a career site and application process that works on any mobile device.

 Job Seeker Support

From answering questions to uploading resumes, people applying for jobs ask a lot of questions. Attract & Hire provides technical support to applicants as they apply.

  Application Completion Optimization

Enticing job seekers to your career site doesn’t guarantee that they will apply. Our platform can help you maximize the number of people completing applications.

 2-Stage Application

Qualified applicants dislike filling out long initial applications. Attract and Hire allows for a short application initially and gathers the rest of the application at the point of interview.

 Email & Text Applicants

Communicating with job seekers is a vital part of the hiring process. Our system allows you to correspond with job seekers via email and text message.

 Manager Collaboration & Tracking

Hiring is a team effort. Attract & Hire has access to controls, notes, ratings, sharing and other tools to enable collaboration within your company throughout the process.

 Unlimited Logins

It isn’t just HR managers who use hiring software. We provide additional logins for your HR team and hiring managers at no additional cost.

 End-to-End Hiring Solution

In addition to applicant tracking, Attract and Hire can also manage background checks, drug testing, assessments, and onboarding.

 Personalized Support & Hands-On Training

You will need help and advice to get a platform to work with your unique hiring process. Attract and Hire provides unlimited support and training for your team free with the system.

Total Hiring Essentials Under One Log-in

Success is all about making the right decision when presented with choices. You only have one chance to make a good first impression.  Why not outshine competitors with a faster, more efficient hiring process.  From the beginning, Attract and Hire will impress applicants with expertly written job descriptions crafted by professional writers. As jobseekers move through the application process their information will be integrated seamlessly into isolved's HCM network.  Saving your company time and money.  Integrating hiring with onboarding, payroll, time, HR and benefits makes perfect sense.  One Log-in, One System to seamlessly manage your entire HR/employee journey.  Keep data safe and secure within isolved's Attract and Hire.

Attract and Hire partnered with isolved network, an award winning HCM platform, to give employers and employees a complete HCM solution to manage the entire HR/employee lifecycle - seamlessly integrating data, moving and storing it securely between onboarding, payroll, time, HR, and benefits. Improve your bottom line, increase productivity, and keep your data safe and secure with isolved’s Attract and Hire.

Attract and Hire makes it easy to manage your hiring process and attract better candidates. For a more information on Attract and Hire email AAP at


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