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Give Your Employees a Seamless  Onboarding/Offboarding Experience

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From the moment a candidate accepts your offer and joins your organization to the point of their departure, their interactions and impressions matter!

Concentrate on human connections while boosting your ROI with a powerful HCM upgrade.  Increasing your organization's efficiency and effectiveness with a streamlined onboarding/offboarding processes.  Instead of dealing with mountains of paper and endless tasks, deal with managing your people and your organization.

Imagine streamlining onboarding/offboarding into payroll effortlessly.  Look for the following features when searching for an onboarding/offboarding software solution.

  Built-in I-9 Tool – Automated forms and processes for employees and managers to save time and effort.

 Electronic Signatures – Use as a binding agreement, if necessary (employee handbooks, NDAs, etc.).

 Workflow Automation – Implement, collect, track and store all forms and
documents, including federal and state tax forms, to reduce effort and help
eliminate costly errors.

 Streamline Processes – Automatically track assignments, distributions and
returns of equipment, systems access and logins, legal and HR documentation,
and task completion through an employee self-service portal to keep your business running efficiently.

  Wizards – Customized onboarding/offboarding templates for different employee groups.

• Permissions – Control and assign by role, location and employee.
• Employee Categories – Determine which are required or optional.
• Company Communications – Modify company messages or use the default 

Let your HCM software help lessen the burden of onboarding/offboarding employees from your workload. From start to finish, easily manage your onboarding/offboarding processes with a powerful, multi-faceted HCM software solution.  For more information on transforming your onboarding and offboarding experience fill out the form below.  Visit AAP for your total HCM needs.