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5 Benefits of Occurrence Tracking

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An occurrence tracking point system is a tool that allows HR teams and managers
to track employee attendance trends and apply an automated corrective action.
A common misconception with occurrence tracking tools is that they only have
negative afflictions towards the workforce, but here are some of the benefits
to having one:

 icon - people talking   Improve Communication by raising employee awareness to the company’s attendance policy and encouraging employees to communicate concerns regarding their ability to follow expectations. 

icon - rocketship   Boost Efficiency throughout your workforce. Set rules for
automated corrective actions so that managers and HR teams will
have more time to focus on other projects.

Lightbulb   Develop Insights with a detailed summary of an employee’s
attendance habits to make informed scheduling decisions. Identify
which days work better for your employees and how to best navigate
their schedules.

3 people and a clock   Reduce Absenteeism by disciplining and rewarding employees
for their attendance habits. Employees can keep track of their history
to avoid reaching the thresholds that lead to disciplinary action.

Shaking hands  Increase Transparency to employees with a clear overview of
why certain disciplinary actions take place and a closer look at the
attendance policy. This tool can keep a history of an employee’s
attendance and time trends to use for performance reviews.

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